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PoledZollar LTD is an investment company, which provides investors with access to a concentrated portfolio of shares Rewards by staking cryptocurrency’s.

Cooperation is maintained through our live chat feature. Also we have mail service available to answer any kind of query of yours.

Telegram : @PoledZollar


1️⃣ Login to your account

2️⃣ Click on the menu button

3️⃣Select Deposit 

4️⃣Select the coin NetWork 

5️⃣Enter your Deposit amount 

6️⃣ Click on the Next Button

7️⃣ Click on Pay Now 

💻 Copy the generated wallet address

💻Then go to your wallet, paste, and transfer the exact amount

💻 Click on Confirm

1️⃣ Log into your account

2️⃣ Click on the menu button

3️⃣ Click On Withdraw 

4️⃣ Choose Payment Method

5️⃣ Enter the exact amount you wish to withdraw 

6️⃣ Click on Confirm

Deposit and withdrawal are Automatically processed by the blockchain and available for at any time. Be sure, that your funds are not used in any ongoing Investments before the withdrawal.

1️⃣Login to your account 

2️⃣Click on the menu button

3️⃣ Click  On Investment 

4️⃣ Select Preferred Investment  Plans

5️⃣ Select Wallet to Invest From (deposit  or earn wallet)

6️⃣Enter the  Investment plan speculated Amount

7️⃣Click on Invest Now .

Congratulations  Your Investment Plan Is now Running. 

of course you can invest as much as you want also you can have more than one active investments.

Currently we accept Only Deposit using BTC / ETH/ USDT TRC20 /DOGE /ARB .

If new payment methods are added it will be announced via news & email. e-currencies ,it will showing in deposit page.

Please make sure you enable 2FA Security and never share your personal account information with anyone,also our team will never contact you first or ask you to send Crypto if you have any questions feel free to contact us immediately.

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